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Your bridge to Innovation and Acceleration in Macau.

 Innovation and Acceleration Program 

 for Tourism Startups 

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Join our remote acceleration program tailored for Tourism startups. This is your gateway to the Great Bay Area market, one of Asia's most dynamic business and tourism hubs. Gain global exposure, partnerships, and opportunities, positioning your startup for global success.


Pier 25 is a 4-week international acceleration program based in Macau, designed to empower high-potential startups in tourism, mobility, sustainability, and social impact. Benefit from bootcamps, workshops, and mentoring to test your solution in an international market.


By showcasing your potential on Demo Day you are opening the door to implementing your solution at Melco's cutting-edge development in Macau.

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We are looking for innovative startups with solutions that address these strategic challenges:

Sustainable Tourism

Enable responsible and sustainable travel practices to preserve natural and cultural resources while enhancing visitor experiences.

Community Empowerment

Empower local communities through tourism by creating opportunities for economic growth, cultural exchange, and social development.

Innovative Mobility Solutions

Provide convenient and efficient transportation options to enhance accessibility and mobility for both tourists and locals, fostering seamless travel experiences.


Protect and preserve the natural environment by implementing eco-friendly practices and initiatives, ensuring the long-term viability of tourism destinations.

If your startup aligns with these challenges?

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Key Market Opportunity

Embrace a Unique Opportunity to implement and scale your startup in Macau, leveraging the strategic project of Pier 23 and Pier 25. Access Greater Bay Area (GBA) markets and identify key market opportunities. Collaborate directly with leading companies in the tourism sector.

Pitch Competition

in Macau

Showcase your innovative solutions on a prestigious stage, pitching directly to major stakeholders, potential investors, and industry experts in Macau. This is your chance to gain exposure and forge connections that can launch your startup.

Cash Prize

Receive 300,000 MOP in prize funding to support the launch and development of selected startup projects. All financial figures mentioned in this program are denominated in MOP (Macau Pataca). Currency conversions are based on the prevailing exchange rates.

Expenses Support

Receive financial support for expenses during your time in Macau.

Growth Bootcamps

Participate in intensive workshops and training sessions tailored to help your startup validate hypotheses, develop prototypes, and refine business models.

Specialized Mentoring

Access one-on-one guidance from specialized professionals, including national and international mentors.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with local community and foster synergies among participants.

Valuable Perks

Access a range of benefits that support business validation and growth.

Pilot Development

Collaborate with MELCO to develop and implement innovative solutions


Pier 25 offers a gateway to one of the most vibrant tourism ecosystems globally.

We're seeking enthusiastic teams with a prototype, in the launch or growth stages,

who share our commitment to sustainable values.

Do you have a pioneering solution that addresses the challenges faced by Pier 25?


Are you at the launch or growth stage, equipped

with a proven MVP?


Do you recognize the strategic advantage of implementing your solution at Great Bay Area?










10 - 31  JULY


12 SET

Demo Day


Embrace Innovation: We Value Projects
Linked to Emerging Technologies

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Immersive technologies that enhance the travel experience by providing virtual tours, interactive maps, and simulations of destinations, attractions, and accommodations.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

AI-powered technology that provide personalized recommendations, customer support, and itinerary planning. Machine learning algorithms that analyze vast amounts of data to optimize pricing, customize offers, and predict traveler preferences.


Blockchain technology enhances security, transparency, and trust in the tourism industry by enabling secure transactions, digital identity verification, and decentralized travel platforms. It facilitates seamless and secure payment processing, loyalty programs, and supply chain management.

Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics enable tourism businesses to gain valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and trends. By analyzing large datasets, businesses can optimize marketing strategies, personalize offers, and improve operational efficiency.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT devices such as smart hotel rooms, wearables, and connected transportation systems that enhance convenience, safety, and efficiency for travelers.

Sustainability Solutions

Technology plays a crucial role in promoting sustainable tourism practices, including eco-friendly accommodations, green transportation options, carbon footprint tracking, and waste reduction initiatives.

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Emerging Industries

With a strong focus on diversifying its economy, Macau is actively promoting emerging industries such as technology, finance, green energy, sustainable tourism, and cultural heritage preservation. Startups operating in these sectors can capitalize on the city's evolving landscape and tap into new market opportunities with the support of local authorities and industry stakeholders.

Tourism Hub

Renowned as a world-class tourism destination, Macau attracts millions of visitors annually, offering startups in the tourism sector a unique testing ground for innovative products and services. From hospitality and entertainment to cultural experiences and digital tourism solutions, startups can leverage Macau's dynamic tourism ecosystem to pilot, refine, and scale their offerings on a global stage.

Global Connectivity

Macau's well-developed transportation infrastructure facilitates seamless connectivity with major business hubs worldwide. Startups benefit from convenient access to international markets, investors, and industry events, enhancing their global visibility and competitiveness.

Strategic Location

Situated at the heart of the Greater Bay Area (GBA), Macau serves as a strategic gateway to a thriving regional market with over 70 million people. Its proximity to major cities like Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou offers unparalleled access to a vast consumer base and business opportunities.


Connect, Collaborate, Thrive: Secure Your Spot at Pier 25 for Networking Opportunities!

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  • What is Pier 25?
    Pier 25 is an International Ideation & Acceleration Program program led by Melco Resorts & Entertainment (MELCO), and powered by Fábrica de Startups This initiative is specifically tailored to foster innovation in the tourism sector, focusing on sustainable tourism, mobility, sustainability, and social impact. By connecting exceptional startups with its partners, Pier 25 creates unparalleled opportunities for collaboration and growth in the Asian Market.
  • What does Pier 25 have to offer?
    Pier 25 presents an exceptional opportunity to launch your startup in Macau, a World Tourism and Leisure Center. Supported by a leading tourism operator in Macau Pier 25 serves as the gateway to the Great Bay Area, providing unparalleled access to a thriving ecosystem. It serves as a gateway to the Greater Bay Area, offering a program focused on pilot implementation, product development, sales and marketing, among other key areas. Additionally, Pier 25 provides access to international players in sustainable tourism, mobility, sustainability, and social impact, fostering networking and partnerships with selected program partners. Furthermore, startups enrolled in Pier 25 benefit from feedback and mentorship from experts in the program’s areas of focus. Lastly, the top five performing startups in the Pier 25 program will have the opportunity to travel to Macau with full expenses paid, along with receiving prize money totaling 300,000 MOP, with the top startup awarded 125,000 MOP and subsequent prizes for the next four startups.
  • In which stage should startups be in order to apply?
    We’re looking for startups that have at least an MVP, ready to proof of concept.
  • In what language will the program be conducted?
    Pier 25 official language is English. This is an international program, with international partners and looking for worldwide startups.
  • Where will the program take place?
    The Pier 25 program will primarily be conducted online, offering participants the flexibility of remote engagement. The Pitch Day, will be held in Macau and will be the only in-person component of the program. Notably, these selected startups will have all expenses covered for their trip to Macau, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience.
  • How many members of the team can be involved in the program?
    We encourage that a team participates with a minimum of 2 (two) and a maximum of 4 (four) elements, with at least one member being a founder of the startup.
  • Do you take equity in the participating startups?
    No, Pier 25 does not take equity in the participating startups.
  • What are the selection criteria to participate in the program?
    The selection process, led by Fábrica de Startups in collaboration with a jury comprising our partners, is designed to meticulously assess various aspects of your application. A team of evaluators will be focusing on your product, team, market, business model and fit with the program.
  • If my startup is selected, what are the next steps?
    Once your startup successfully completes the initial online application process, a pre-selected group of startups will have the opportunity to participate in the Online Pitch. The startups with better performance at the online pitch and that shows more alignment with the purpose of the program will be invited to join the Bootcamp Phase, where their potential for partnership alignment will be further evaluated. Finally, the 5 startups that show the strongest fit with the program will be invited to come to Macau to the Pich Day.
  • What is the program cost?
    The program is free of charge for the startup participants. There are no costs associated with participating in this program. There is also no equity taken.
  • What benefits are offered to the top performing startups?
    The top five performing startups in the Pier 25 program will receive the opportunity to travel to Macau with full expenses paid. Additionally, these startups will be awarded prize money totaling 300,000 MOP, with the top startup receiving 125,000 MOP and subsequent prizes for the next four startups.
  • What kind of mentorship can I expect from the program?
    Our mentors are experienced professionals from the Tourism Sector, as well as successful entrepreneurs, investors, and business experts. They will provide guidance, insights, and feedback to help you refine your business model, develop your product, and grow your startup.

Frequently Asked Questions


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